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light at the end of the tunnel part 2

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First off, top of the morning to you! For breakfast I made a B3. That stands for a beautiful breakfast bowl. Take a lookie!

Included in this bowl: Chobani blueberry yogurt, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, flax seeds and Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal. Remember, decorate your plate to look pleasing to the eye. This way you will cherish your “eats” even more! Also, try to have a number of different colors represented in your dish. If you had banana and pineapple in your B3, you might not be as visually pleased. Just some food for thought. 🙂

Ok, on to the good stuff…the Zooma race from this weekend. Well, I went into this race with the mindset that I was going to finish in/around 1:50. I decided since I finished the ATL ING  a year ago in that time, I could do it again. I found the pace guide holding the 1:50 sign and decided my best bet was to stay side by side with this fellow.  Now just as an FYI, I did NOT follow a pacer when doing the ATL half. I completed the race on my own by carefully checking my roommate’s Garmin I was wearing.

Here are some things I learned from following a pacer:

  • The pacer might run at a different pace than you do throughout the peaks and valleys of the course. For example, on the hills, the pacer would speed up, and on the declines, he would slow down. This is the opposite of what I do.
  • The pacer started out faster than I would have liked to at an 8:08 min mile. We needed to maintain a 8:24.
  • The pace group might have been just too fast for me.
  • I got discouraged seeing the pacer a number of feet away from me and almost felt defeated.

Pace guides are not for everyone.  If you want to finish the race in a certain time and don’t want to follow the pace guide, try using a Garmin/Nike Sportband to keep track of your pace, distance, etc.

This was the first time I followed the pacer and I am not sure if I will again. I think I enjoy running at my own speed throughout the race.  I think it is absolutely fine to slow down and speed up throughout your race, and I almost felt I wasn’t able to do that when following the pace guide. I know ridiculous right!? I learned that you also need to listen to your body. At mile 11, I was exhausted. I drank water at every station and even ate a berry flavored GU at mile 8. Still, exhaustion set in. I think I over did it in the beginning 7 miles and definitely slowed down my roll. The pace group went ahead of me, and I just kept my head up and finished at my own pace. I completed the race in 1 hour 51 minutes and 35 seconds. I couldn’t have been happier after the race was done. I learned a number of things about myself in this race, and I will be able to use this information for further races.

Remember, positive self-talk is the key to success. I don’t care if I looked silly out there talking to myself, but at each hill I chanted to myself, “You can do it, Lesley. Keep your eye on the prize. You are doing great. You feel great.” Each time I would say these things, I truly felt a sudden jolt of energy. See what the power of positive thinking can do for you! Try it some time. You won’t regret it. For now, believe in yourself and love your body for what it is capable of doing. Ciao for now!

P.P.S. – Run Done! Check

About Lesley

I am a 29 year old Pennsylvanian who enjoys running, good eats, family and friends!

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  1. Congrats, boo! That is AWESOME. You are the cutest and how have me craving a “B3”!

  2. I ❤ your blog! So positive and cheerful! Puts a smile on my face..that's why you're my fave!! Thanks for all your motivation on the run..lookin forward to our next race!

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