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have a little faith..or a lot

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Good morning to you, and happy Friday! Well, yesterday marked a monumental day for me in my life.  I decided to drift away from the education field and move onto other endeavors.  How did this all happen, you ask? Well, I was presented with an opportunity to interview for an elementary teaching position in an amazing school. I went to the interview and things went superb. I was called back for a second interview and at this point extreme anxiety set it. I have been thinking…Is teaching what I can see myself doing in a few years? What else would I be good at? Where is my career going? Do I love being in the classroom teaching elementary students? My answers to those questions were very estranged. Some days, I could answer yes. Other days, not so much.  I had a “come to Jesus meeting” as my Southern friends would say with myself, with Joe, with my family, and my friends. After much discussion, not that I really needed to discuss it anymore, I knew where my heart was at.  I called the school and told them the second interview would unfortunately be unnecessary because of where I stand in the education field.

Let me just tell you it took a whole LOT of guts. It was extremely hard to turn down an interview and possible position at a fabulous school. I am one of thousands, and I do mean thousands, of prospective candidates. I was so fortunate as to receive not one interview, but a call back for a second one! But I must remember this in my head, and in the future, is this where I really want to be? Is my heart in this? Am I happy? With all of those questions in mind, I am on to the next journey of my life. It is scary as all get out because I don’t know where I am going next, but all I do know is, for the first time in a long time I followed my heart.

Are you in a confusing situation as far as your career goes? Do you not know where to go next in life? If so, take a deep breath and maybe do one of these:

sun salutation yoga positions. I hope it helps. Also, as I said before I know I am meant to be just where I am right now. I will continue to have faith and will continue to keep positive thoughts in my head as much as possible. Some career is anxiously awaiting my arrival, I just know it.


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I am a 29 year old Pennsylvanian who enjoys running, good eats, family and friends!

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