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Good morning, good morning! In the smoothie mix: 1/2 frozen banana, scoop full of frozen strawberries, almond milk, 1 T coconut (it’s official I’m addicted), and 1 scoop protein powder.

Moving on to the workout idea I have for you! Well, I haven’t talked much about working out yet because when I started this blog, I was training/running a half-marathon. After the half-marathon my workouts have been pretty low-key. Yesterday I stepped it up a notch.

Let me explain. I live right by a university that has a gorgeous track n’ field. It is a brand new field that I live 4 minutes away from – walking!

The great part about working out here is you don’t just have to run around the track over and over and over again. Use all the resources around you! Let me give you a sample of what I did yesterday.

  1. I warmed up with 1 slow lap around the track
  2. I sprinted up the stairs – there are a ton of steps
  3. I did lunges at the bottom of the stairs
  4. I went back onto the track and sprinted the straights and jogged the curves (2 laps) – I like doing this to mix things up
  5. I used the benches right outside of the track to do jump ups. Jump up onto the bench with both feet together, or one foot at a time.
  6. I ran up the hill, which is right next to the stairs – KILLER
  7. At the top of the hill, I did squats using the picnic table benches
  8. Came down to the track and repeated # 4
  9. Outside of the track, I did jumping jacks for 30 seconds and jump rope for 30 seconds (use can other exercises, burpees, mountain climbers, jumps, squats).
  10. Repeated # 2
  11. Repeated # 3
  12. Repeated # 6
  13. Did a cool down lap around the track to finish things off.

There are a number of tips I can give you for this workout. First off, it is hard so be prepared. It is a different workout from straight running because you are using spurts of extra energy in the hills, stairs, etc.

  • Use the track and all its resources to your benefit. For example, if you are doing lunges tell yourself I will stop at the next post. This way you have a goal in mind.

  • Set up a reward for yourself. Place a water bottle at the top of the hill. Of course you are going to want a drink after all this interval training, so your reward is after running up the hill, you grab a quick swig of water.
  • Bring a note pad to the field and every time you run a lap make a tally mark. Go into the workout saying you want to run a desired amount of laps.  If you run that amount, reward yourself with something after the workout (a glass of wine, a piece of dessert).
  • Bring a friend along with you. My friend Maisie and I do this workout together and it always goes faster with someone else. Motivate each other. Give each other compliments as you are working out. Everyone likes to hear something positive.

Try this workout! Let me know how it goes!!! It is a nice change of pace from the typical workout at the gym, and you will thank me afterwards. You will be a sweaty lil thing!


About Lesley

I am a 29 year old Pennsylvanian who enjoys running, good eats, family and friends!

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