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When I left my long-term substitute position a few weeks ago, I wrote each student a personal thank you note. I think there is something so powerful about a hand written note/letter. In today’s fast-paced world, emails seem to be the most used form of communication. It is a nice change of pace to read the fancy writing from someone instead of the block-ish Times New Roman font. Hopefully today you might decide to write a note to your father or a father-like figure who you appreciate.

I would like to send a Happy Father’s Day wish out to one person in particular. I was lucky enough to have a 2-in-1 deal with my mother being both the mom and the dad! I told her this morning that my brother and I were lucky to be blessed with this type of deal.

So, thank you MOM for being not only a great mother but also a spectacular father and Happy Father’s Day to you, too.


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I am a 29 year old Pennsylvanian who enjoys running, good eats, family and friends!

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  1. Thank You honey, I can’t say it was easy but I love you and I am so proud of you!!!!!!


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