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You know you are…when… (read Thursday)

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Hope you waited to read this until Thursday! I actually wanted to share this with you over the weekend and plumb forgot. On the weekends, I love to eat ice cream. It’s official…I am obsessed with Dairy Queen’s vanilla ice cream cones with sprinkles. Believe me, I don’t think this is healthy by any means, but life is about livin’ and boy am I livin’ when I eat DQ cones.  Who doesn’t crave ice cream during the summer? Ice cream = summer.  So, happy summer to you! There is no picture to show you my monster cone because I devoured it in a few short seconds. To show you how I eat my tasty treat, watch the video clip below.

Maybe I should have had this as my sweet and savory summer treat instead…

I love you, but no dice. Sorry.

You know you are in love with ice cream and sprinkles when you find lost sprinkles inside your bra. You know you are in love with ice cream when your loved one says you look like this…

Video clip—> I am the owl in this video clip as Joe says. I take just a few licks, and BAM the ice cream cone is gone. Well mostly gone, with some remaining sprinkles I am saving for later wedged into my bra.


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I am a 29 year old Pennsylvanian who enjoys running, good eats, family and friends!

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