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Yes, it is 7 am and yes I am thinking about sweets. No surprise. This is the ricotta Italian cake from last night:

This cake is amazing for the fact that it is sweet, but not too sweet. I love sweet things but I don’t like when you bite into a piece of cake and your back molars twinge from the extreme confectioner’s sugar overload. Yuck! I also don’t like when there is colored icing on cake. That freaks me out! So this cake fits my standards. The cake is from St. Louis, Missouri where Joe’s family is from. The cake is made at an Italian bakery there and has been in existence for many years. If you are traveling to St. Louis and want to know the name of the bakery,  I will surely find out for you. This cake is a must-have.

On to other must-haves..

I love Kashi cereal and I usually stick with the same “Kashi Go Lean Crunch.” I decided it was time to make a change. This cereal “Heart to Heart” was a good decision. What I like about it is it’s denser than regular ol’ Cinnamon Cheerios. The hearts and circular cereal pieces are thick and crunchy. There is a nice hint of cinnamon and it goes great with bananas, blueberries and strawberries chopped up and thrown in the bowl. I am not marketing for Kashi or advertising for them, I am just sharing a new cereal I tried that I enjoyed. You might, too! What is your favorite cereal? Do you switch or always stick with the same brand?

Also, the difficulty I have with cereal is it never fills me up. I eat a bowl and an hour later it’s like I decided to skip breakfast. I know you need added protein but sometimes eating yogurt, eggs or peanut butter toast is more to my liking and more to my tummy’s liking (full).

Welp, off for a filled day of a quick run, tutoring my little first grader, visiting my aunt, and working tonight at the restaurant. If you’ve never been to Nino’s of Wyomissing on Park Road, come on in!


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I am a 29 year old Pennsylvanian who enjoys running, good eats, family and friends!

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