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Oh the weekend goes by so fast. This morning’s eats was a typical bowl of cereal with lots of fruit. I won’t bore you with the photo!

So, as I was reading another health magazine, this page caught my eye…

My question for you is, “What does REAL FOOD mean to you?” In the past I didn’t always think about what ingredients were in a food/product. I thought, well it’s low in fat and calories so I’ll eat it. As I learn more about food and enjoy doing research on food, I realize my previous thoughts on food didn’t align to a REAL FOOD or WHOLE FOOD mentality.

Real food means to me:

  • you don’t have to read a label because there isn’t one.
  • if there is a label, all ingredients I am able to pronounce
  • the ingredient list is short and sweet
  • there are no artificial sweeteners in the product (I gave up Diet Coke, oh so hard!)
  • there are no added hormones into a product
  • the product could fall into a fruit, vegetable, nut or legume category

Now, do I eat things that aren’t real foods? Yes, I do. I try to limit my consumption, but it is really hard to eat only REAL FOODS all day long. Well, it’s hard for me. Maybe not you! I like crackers, cheese, and I really love ice cream!

So what does REAL FOOD mean to you? Do you strictly eat foods that are REAL or do you linger a bit off the path every once in a while?

One more thing…this is my DIY project:

Two windows that I bought for $2 each at a yard sale! I think I am going to punch out the glass, (yikes) sand them down, paint them with a pickling treatment and then use them as a framework to put other items inside. That sounds confusing, but you will see! Hopefully. This is the before, let’s see what the after looks like!


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I am a 29 year old Pennsylvanian who enjoys running, good eats, family and friends!

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