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A Version of Meat-less Mondays

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So I am thinking and have been thinking of this for a bit now, of slowly reducing my intake of poultry, turkey meat, red meat ( I don’t each much any way) and increasing my fish consumption. Am I going to become a vegetarian or pescatarian? Let’s not go that far just yet. I have seen in a number of health magazines, (that’s all I seem to say lately) that a great way to work towards reducing meat in your diet is to focus upon it for just one day a week. It’s called Meat-less Mondays. This means on Mondays you don’t eat meat, and you gradually take yourself off of meat. Interesting, right? Well, I began the Meat-less Mondays experiment last Monday.  It was fine, because I was super busy and ran from one job to the next. I packed my lunch and dinner and snacked on a variety of things. I did eat tuna, so again this isn’t a full-blown vegetarian experiment. It is more of a pescatarian one you could say.

I think this is something I will work towards and not fully dive into right away. I really do love fish. I know this doesn’t fit with a vegetarian’s views, but again I am thinking of doing a version of this Meat-less Monday idea.

Maybe you want to try Meat-less Monday today? Try to limit some form of meat from your diet today. See how you feel? See if it is something you can see yourself doing full-time.

This was a yummy orange roughy fish dinner we had over the weekend. I will share the deets with you later! I’m off to work another long day. Hey, money is money!


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