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orange roughy, barley, grilled veg salad

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It’s blaring hot out! I just got home from work (at the bakery) and I walked down to the mail boxes and in that short amount of time, I started sweating! No outside workout for this girl. Maybe some treadmill and interval training.

On another note, I wanted to share with you what we had for dinner over the weekend. I whipped up cornmeal coated orange roughy, barley with roasted red pepper sauce, basil and goat cheese and a salad with grilled veggies. Delish!

The roughy was super easy to make and the prep was even easier. All I did was coat the roughy on both sides with Bob’s Red Mill cornmeal. I added some garlic salt and pepper to the cornmeal as well. Then, I grilled the fish for 3 to 4 minutes on either side. The cornmeal gave a crunchy texture to the fish and added a sweet and salty flavor. It was quite nice!

The barley was again, simple to make. The most tedious part of the barley was waiting for it to cook for 45 minutes! There are other grains out there that cook faster, but I had the barley on hand. I mixed Giada’s roasted red pepper sauce, fresh basil from the garden, and goat cheese into the barley. Next time I will try to make Giada’s sauce!

The salad, well it can speak for itself, who doesn’t love grilled veggies on a salad?

Next time you are cooking fish, try coating it in cornmeal!

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I am a 29 year old Pennsylvanian who enjoys running, good eats, family and friends!

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  1. I ran on the treadmill yesterday and the guy next to me ran 8 miles on a treadmill! good for him. Id go nuts. Tonight, Nicole and I braved the heat and went for a little bike ride around us


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