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being positive in the work environment

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It’s Wednesday and it’s my Aunt Cheryl’s birthday. Happy birthday to a woman who is facing a very difficult time in life right now. For breakfast, a smoothie:

In the mix: banana, almond milk, flax seeds, all natural peanut butter, pecans and protein powder.

So I have noticed how the bakery displays positive work environment slogans & signs throughout the building.

Quite a powerful statement, huh? I think it is great for the bakery to encourage its’ employees to live a well-balanced life. We all know how life can be a rough and tough road and there is nothing like some words of encouragement along the way, especially from your employer!

This “Positive People Crossing” is on the outside of the bakery’s building walls. When I first interviewed with the bakery, this sign immediately caught my eye. Not only are these words of encouragement for the employees, but the sign also displays to the public how important a positive work environment is to them.  I know for me, I enjoy buying things from a store/company where the employees are happy and positive in comparison to a place where the workers are down in the dumps and miserable.

Think about it and think about yourself, are you more successful at anything you do in life being positive or negative? I’m sure you agree with me that you see your highest potential when you aim to be positive. Being positive about work is hard though. Believe me, coming from a girl who is in a whirl wind of a career path right now, I definitely know. All I can say is thank you to the bakery for placing an importance on a positive work environment for your employees. It is greatly appreciated.


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