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In need of advice….

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Good morning to you all! I need your advice today. Big time and on two separate issues that don’t go together at all. First,

For all you dog owners out there, help me with this crate training process! So my Aunt Kim told me last night they say the puppy can hold its bladder for as many months old as he/she is. For example, if the pup is a month old, he can hold it for one hour; two months, two hours. With that being said, I can’t come home every two hours to let Athena out. We have a big crate and a small crate. Should I make the crate into two sections, one for a bed and one for a newspaper/bathroom area? Or is this allowing her to think she can go in the crate? Should I just put her in the small crate with no bathroom area? I really don’t a sister out here!


I am in need of a banging crab cake recipe. One that you can stand by through thick n’ thin. My Aunt B’s secret is parmesan pepper corn dressing. What’s yours? We had this for dinner last night and the crab cake just wasn’t to die for. If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE CRAB CAKES! I think they are my favorite dinner item on a menu. Anyway, when I eat a disappointing crab cake or one that doesn’t blow my socks off, I always think,  I can do better. So I need your help on filling me in on your secret!!


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I am a 29 year old Pennsylvanian who enjoys running, good eats, family and friends!

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  1. Kimberly Lydon

    Lesley, They say that when you do crate training and potty training with a puppy, they do not go where they sleep. We gave Tito two seperate areas in his crate. One crate, it was really big, and we had a sleeping area, and then an area with his puppy pads so he knew that was for going to the bathroom… He never went in his sleeping area, and he knew the puppy pads were the place to go to the bathroom. Once we took the pads away when he was outside trained, he never went in the crate. I hope this helps. I know people that just pad train their dogs and not outside train and they just go only on the puppy pads. You can get them at any pet store…..

  2. I don’t know any crab cake secrets but also being a crab cake lover. The only advice I’d give is more crab less filling! I’m always disappointed when a crab cake is more filling then crab! And on the pup advice there either but she’s sooo stinken cute!


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