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My gal, Jodi, said I looked like I was dressed for fall in my Friday work outfit yesterday, so I changed this up a bit. I will have you know it’s cold in our building and besides that I am always cold and that leads me to always carry a cardigan, even in the summer months. The white pants are hammy-downs from my cousin, Beth! I love them and they fit just perfect. Nothing wrong with a gently used item of clothing. My $10, holla, Via Spiga belt matched well with the outfit as well.

This was my outfit for our work dinner we had tonight at Beverly Hills Tavern. Each person in the consumer relations department made their goal for five weeks straight and we were able to choose a celebration. We voted on dinner and drinks at an outside bar/restaurant. I have to say, this is the first time I have been to a work function, that wasn’t a holiday party, where you are being recognized for your hard work. The rewards in teaching are very different from the rewards in other jobs. I thought it was a nice way for the bakery to show their appreciation for our hard work. Not only that, but our appetizers, dinner, and first drink were on them! Oh yes, there was cake and coffee, too. Does your work recognize your hard work and accomplishments with some type of reward?

 Check out my new hat! At work, we received this hat and a sunglass holder from Stroehmann Pennsylvania Dutch Bakers. I can never tell if a hat looks good on me or not.  I do know it’s a perfect running hat. It’s nice to catch all that dripping sweat from your forehead. Yes, I’m a big-time sweat-er. Do you wear a hat when you work out?

Last thing about work, we received the Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice bagels from Thomas’. The bagels are coming out in the fall as a seasonal product. If you are a pumpkin lover, these might be just for you! Look for them in late September.


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