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After my Aunt Cheryl was diagnosed with lung cancer and we discussed her being a cleaning lady and how these chemicals could have affected her health, I thought differently about the cleaning products I use. To be honest with you, I like the scent harsh cleaners give off. The scent makes me think, “ my house is clean.” In the past, I have run into situations where my throat burns from using a harsh cleaner. Scary, I know. I am using up the old products we have, those that are not all-natural and hoping to move on to chemical-free cleaners.

My gal, Nicole, gave me a home remedy article about making your own cleaners. Most recipes call for vinegar and lemon. I have been doing a mixture of that to clean our floors. It gets them nice and clean and leaves a lemony smell. The one cleaner pictured about has parsley essence in it! Do you have any recipes for all-natural cleaning products to share?



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  1. I use about a tbsp. of white distilled vinegar and a few drops of Lemon Dawn and water to fill up a spray bottle- works like a charm and is el cheapo. It’s a great “all purpose” cleaner. I use it for bathrooms, glass, countertops, etc. I still use comet for toilet/tub (haven’t found anything natural for that) and use dye/perfume free laundry detergent but found a great recipe to make your own…haven’t tried it yet, but maybe you can!

    Bring 1.65 cups of water to a boil.
    grate 1/3 bar of soap (I use dove) and put in the boiling water
    stir & dissolve.
    Pour in 1 gallon of water & stir.
    Add 1/6 cup of washing soda and
    1/3 cup of borax. Stir.
    While it’s still in the pot, if you’d like to add any scents – now is the time.


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