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Good morning! It’s almost Friday and the days are rapidly flying by leading up to our wedding day. 1 month from yesterday’s date. Woop, woop.

Breakfast was the normal:

Two types of Kashi cereal, a large dollop of Chobani yogurt, pecans, agave nectar and strawberries. Many people say how tart Greek yogurt is, and they are right. I like to add all these things to the yogurt to help with the tart taste it gives off. The agave really helps.  I hate to disguise a product by adding another one on to it, but I like the texture of Greek yogurt, the protein in Greek yogurt, and many other things about it. I just get hung up on the tart taste at times!

Last night after dinner I made:

Mmmm sauce. 

I give all the credit to Mama Pea and her AWESOME sauce. It is amazing and can be used on veggies, rice, fish, anything you want, to be honest. It reminds me of hummus, but not. It has a rich nutty taste. Ah, I knew I was missing out on something in life and here it is! I can’t wait to make dinner tonight and use the sauce. I love homemade sauces especially since many store-bought ones have a ton of unnecessary fillers in them. Please visit immediately!


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I am a 29 year old Pennsylvanian who enjoys running, good eats, family and friends!

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