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The Reading Hospital Road Run

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Road Run 2011  Source: The Reading Hospital

I have been itching to do some type of race. The last race I completed was the half marathon in Annapolis (beginning of June), where I definitely pushed myself too hard. Want a recap? Read here.  Key thing I learned from this race: Have fun! I didn’t win a million bucks by maintaining a certain pace and I definitely didn’t finish first, so why push yourself to feeling like you might throw up? Ridiculous. Well, just this morning I signed up for The Reading Hospital Road Run. This is a fairly large run put on by our local hospital and goes through two communities of West Reading and Wyomissing. I have never done the run but my mom always talks about how nice of an event it is. Maybe she is bias with working at the hospital, I don’t know. Any who, you could sign up for the 10K, 5K, or 1 mile fun run. This is a nice distance race for me right now because lately I haven’t been running much past 3 or 4 miles. I need to break my routine and branch out into the wilderness a bit. Wilderness = more than 3 miles.

Have you signed up for any races lately? Are you itching to do one? If you happen to live in the Reading area, definitely do this one!


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