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Well for the wedding, we are having dozens and dozens of different flavored cupcakes. I love cupcakes and I love the fact that we are having a variety of flavors, not just one. Everyone asked if I needed cupcake towers and I said, “Ehhh, I’m going to make them instead.” This is what I came up with…

I scrounged up an array of boxes with different lengths and heights from my mom’s work. I bought:

  • damask paper from Michael’s …..$3.99 a roll (4 rolls)
  • glass cake trays from Goodwill….$2.99 a tray (6 trays)
  • glass vase from Goodwill………….$2.99

My ideas:

On the top of the cake tower you see here, I am going to put a small-sized wedding cake for Joe and I to cut. This is being made by my girl Tiff. Then, below the cake tower,  I will place cupcakes on each of the decorative boxes. I have 8 total boxes and I also have the cake trays. I figured I would sporadically place the boxes and trays together to decorate the dessert table.

The center pieces for the table are very, very simple. We glued all different black and white ribbon to mason jars. I love the look of mason jars because they have a hit of vintage to them. The jars will be filled with fuchsia Gerber daisies.  The girls will also have bouquets of the same flowers. The damask paper here was $0.49 at Michael’s and is scrap booking paper! The little lanterns were inexpensive and bought from a really neat website lunabazaar. I also bought white paper lanterns to hang from the ceiling from this website and everything was delivered precisely and just as I like it.

The wedding programs, which are propped up on the centerpiece paper in the picture above, were made at Office Depot and were 50 bucks! I made a Microsoft template first before  heading over there, and then just had the depot do the printing.

All in all, we have done everything on a major, major budget. We have cut corners in many ways and still expect a beautiful wedding. I think the DIY ideas will also give the wedding character and will represent us and our craftiness (well mine, I guess you could say).

It’s not too far away now….


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