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I ran the Reading Hospital Road Run, the 10k, and felt pretty.darn.good. Now,  I’m taking it to the next level. The OleyValley 10 miler!


The great thing about this run is the registration cost: $20. I have done a number of runs and for all you runners out there you know how expensive they can be. Most half-marathons average around $100, more or less, and then the price decreases as the mileage does. I did the Washington DC Army 10 miler a few years back and think I paid around 50 bucks or so. All the races and their registration fees are worth it, but I gotta say, when you find an inexpensive one it feels good! Anyone interested in doing the 10 miles with me? To all my girl friend runners out there, you could always do the 5k if you aren’t interested in the 10 miles!

Training: Well, I do need to increase my mileage from here on out. I try to run at least a 5 miler once a week. I will obviously need to do more than that for this run. I might set up a training plan with my busy schedule and let you know what I have in store for the preparation of this run. Joe said to me last night, “You know this run is just 3 miles shy of the half marathon you did in June?” I replied, “YES, I know this Joe.”

I do have one thought about this run that I would like to keep in mind as I bang out the 10 miles. I want to try my best to remember this event is fun. When I ran the Zooma half marathon in June, I didn’t have fun. I pushed myself so hard I felt absolutely exhausted afterwards and not a feeling of, “Wow, I’m tired but glad I did well, kinda feeling.” I need to remember I am blessed to be healthy enough to run and complete a 10 mile run because unfortunately there are many out there who can’t do such a thing. I would like to shoot for a goal of a 9 minute mile for this run and maintain that speed. When I did the half marathon I maintained 8:35 and I know now that wasn’t the best idea for my body. I am listening to my body and what it told me before. I am going to try my best to ease up a little bit on the pace and take in the run itself. I’m surely NOT finishing first, so what’s the point of pushing myself to a point of not feeling well? No point!

What’s your view on running races and finishing in a certain time or just having fun? Are you worried about your time? Have any pointers for someone like me who gets all worked up over my finish time?


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I am a 29 year old Pennsylvanian who enjoys running, good eats, family and friends!

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