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Today Joe, my mom and I went to the Animal Rescue League of Berks County. We walked two pits that were both equally amazing.

The dog I walked was named Sylvia and was an energized little thing. I caught myself saying Athena a bunch of times because she and Athena must be sisters in another world.


Hello, I’m Sylvia!  I’m a 10-month-old female Put Bull. I am an active girl and I need a family that can exercise me a lot and give me lots of things to do!

Joe walked another pit named Princess.


Hi, please look at me!  I’m Princess and I’m a 5-year-old female Pit Bull. I came in with 2 other dogs – King who is still here and another dog who was adopted. We were taken from a bad situation and now are looking for someone to give us a loving second chance.

Joe and I have a special spot in our hearts for pits because of Athena, but not only that, the ARL is filled with pits. It is such a shame to see all of these little lovers in the kennel. From my own experience, pits are not vicious dogs unless they are trained to be that way. They are HIGH energy dogs, that need exercise, love and attention.  There were many dogs today that still needed to be walked so if you have a free minute and live in the Berks County area, take one for a stroll. It felt nice to donate some of my time today to a furry friend who needs it.

Not only that, but if you are thinking of getting a dog, check out the ARL before-hand. There are some cuties who are desperately looking for love!



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  1. U R so cooool!



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