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Do you love local farmer’s markets? I do! I do! I find it important to support local businesses especially in this tough economy. What’s great about local farmer’s markets is you know the produce was grown a few miles away from where you live! Also, farmer’s markets seem to be up on not using harsh chemicals on their vegetation, which of course is awesome. I went with my coworkers to Weaver’s Orchard and Farm Market over the weekend to pick strawberries and to do some farmer’s marketing shopping. While we were at Weaver’s I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Weaver himself. He told me a little bit about the orchard and how they are four generations deep in the business. Talk about success! He was super friendly, which encourages me even more to spread the word about his business.

The Pick-Your-Own-Strawberries part was a total highlight of my day. I remember picking strawberries as a kid and it brought back some fond memories! Have you ever strawberry picked? If not, it is something really fun and great for kids and the whole family, too! I was very tempted to pop these little red suckers in my mouth right after picking, but I waited until I got home.

I have been pretty local this whole week, since I found a gluten free pizza crust at Russo’s Market that was made right here in Pennsylvania! You have no idea how excited I was when I flipped over the packaging and I saw the address was in my home state. Three Bakers gluten free pizza crust was dynamite. I have had some gluten free pizza crust before that was just so-so and almost had that cardboard taste. This crust was nothing of the sort and was nice, crisp, crunchy and tasted perfect with my escarole pesto! Three cheers to Three Bakers for their great product and again, pretty cool how the pizza is made right here in PA, which again supports local businesses!

 I think all of this local talk has sparked an idea…try to eat local all day challenge. What I mean by that is if a product didn’t come from your state, don’t eat it! I just might have to try that one day next week. Anyone else in?


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I am a 29 year old Pennsylvanian who enjoys running, good eats, family and friends!

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  1. I have to say, your fond memories of picking strawberrries in the hot sun, do not match mine…..Two small children whining “When can we go home!”


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