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Dog Days of Summer

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We aren’t even into the full swing of summer and yet it seems to be quite hot outside! It was super humid this past holiday weekend and there was a good lesson learned about the heat. I have a very sad story to share with all of you and if you aren’t ready to read a sad story, I would suggest doing this at another time.  Here’s what happened…

I decided to go out for small run through our neighborhood around 11 o’clock on Sunday morning. As I was running, I spotted a woman with three dogs looking desperate. One of her dogs was lying on her side and panting very heavily. I stopped to ask the woman if she and her dogs were ok and she responded by saying no and she thought one had heat exhaustion. There was an older gentleman there helping her pour water on the dog and trying to get the dog to drink. The woman tried to call her family but no one answered. I quickly took her phone and called my husband, Joe, and asked him to bring our SUV and a blanket. He got there in a speedy amount of time and we placed the blanket under the dog and the four of us lifted the dog into the car. The woman wanted to take the dog home and get her in the air conditioning and we followed her wishes. Joe drove her and two of her dogs to her house, only a few blocks away, and I waited with the other dog. They came back and got the other dog who was fine, just very tired. We went back to the woman’s house to make sure everything was ok and the dog seemed to be getting better. We exchanged a few short words with the woman and as we were soon to leave, things took a turn for the worse. Joe happened to look down at the dog and at that point his tongue and mouth were all blue. Unsure if he was still breathing, the woman rubbed ice cubes over his mouth until we all realized the pup had gone onto doggie heaven. At that point, three adults who are all strangers began to cry. I didn’t know this woman, but after two hours of helping her, I felt like I did. We exited home quite quickly and continued to cry and think about this situation for days.

As I said before, my lesson to be learned from this situation is to be careful of the heat and humidity out there this summer when walking your dogs. I know Joe and I have taken Athena out at 4pm after work and no longer will we be doing that in the summer. We are going to strictly stay with the early morning or early evening walks. I hate this was how the story ended and to be honest, it has been on my mind for two straight days. I know all things happen for a reason and luckily enough Joe and I were there to assist someone in such a time of need.

To all you doggie walkers and runners out there, stay safe in the dog days of summer! PS – we came home and gave Athena a ton of kisses after all of this happened.


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