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These last few weeks, well even months/year, I have been on a road of trying to figure out things I like to do in life. I realized that the partying stage of my life was coming to an end…you can only have a hangover, eat greasy food, and sleep all day for a while. Then, it gets old. I think it is so important in life to have a hobby. A hobby helps to define you and helps you to enjoy life. I luckily have a few hobbies that I love to do: running and exercising, taking pictures, blogging and even doggies. Yes, if you knew me a few years ago, you would have never said you could see me as a dog person. I couldn’t even see myself as one. I was either frightened of them, jumping on cars as I see them approaching me from a backyard, or just had no interest in them at all. Well, times have definitely changed.

So as I travel through the last year of my life, these are the things I have discovered about myself..

I love running not because of losing weight but because of how it empowers me and makes me feel strong.

I enjoy taking pictures and seeing just what awesome things you can capture in this world.
 I love blogging because to me it’s like freedom.
I have a new love for dogs and wish to spread the word about how amazing pit bulls can be if treated right – just as any dog.

To go a little more in-depth about my passions, first of all I have been running since 2005. After college, I took on this new hobby and never let go. I started running because I wanted to lose weight. It slowly turned into a hobby instead of a must-do kinda thing. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I really need to phone-a-friend to help encourage me to go, but overall, running and I are tight. As for taking pictures, wow…when I started this blog at the end of June a year ago, I had a regular ol’ digital camera. I didn’t have the first clue about DSLR cameras and just how magical they are. I have learned so much and still want to learn much more, but my Canon EOS Rebel T3 is incredible. Moving on to blogging…I began reading a few healthy living blogs 2 years ago and for a full year pondered over creating my own. I continued to think, I can’t do that. Finally, I got the courage to start writing my own blog and it was the best decision I have made in a long time, besides marrying Joe 🙂 I love writing and now realize how great it feels to express myself. Finally, my new-found love for dogs is quite profound. Ever since Joe and I brought Athena into our lives, I have a whole new prospective on dogs. I don’t see them as those stinky, drooling, intimidating four-legged creatures as I used to. I now see them as just another individual who wants to be loved. I also will continue to be an advocate for pit bulls. As I walk through our neighborhood, I encourage everyone to pet Athena. I talk about her docile ways and her sweet temperament with anyone who will listen. I encourage children to pet her and reassure their parents she won’t take their tiny pinky finger off with her wide tongue. At some point in my life, I would love to work with pit bull rescues and help those pits that are in need of love, care and a good home. Hopefully that will come in my future!

I know the discovery of myself will continue to grow until I am a lil old lady. I’m excited to see what discoveries I will make about myself as time goes on. I know my hobbies and passions will change and that’s exciting to me. So, those are my hobbies that have developed over the last year. How about yours? Are you still discovering yourself? What is it you feel passionate about?


About Lesley

I am a 29 year old Pennsylvanian who enjoys running, good eats, family and friends!

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  1. I also used to love running and the runners high feeling that it gave me but as you grow older sometimes your joints and knees do not cooperate so have to reexplore new and interesting activities that are a bit safer for the knees.

    • Absolutely…I have heard that from many and I know my time will come where my knees won’t be in their prime. At that point, I will seek new hobbies!

      • Absolutely…I have told Lesley, my daughter,
        that she will pay for it later in life. I also have a bad knee, hip and foot.

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