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Like it, love it, want more of it – November

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Sorry befilledup readers that I am a little late on my November favorites. A little late, let’s try 8 days late! Woops. This week wasn’t filled with much blogging, to be honest, it was filled with more relaxing. Sometimes I put pressure on myself to blog and this week I stepped back and thought, why do I do that to myself? We all know we put pressure on ourselves for all different things: work, fitness, weight, babies, life, dinner, husbands/wives and many, many more things. Sometimes if you take the back seat for once and just be in a state of “relaxation” you realize that the stress, the pressure and all that goes along with it, just aren’t worth it. Often when I get really stressed out, I start to feel sick. It’s crazy that stress can do this to you! So if the holiday season brings you stress or anything in your life that is causing you stress at this time, take a moment to sit back and ride in the back seat for a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with taking the back seat, and I think everyone needs to do it every once in a while. Taking the back seat will help you to come back bigger, better and stronger once you become rejuvenated again. It also helps you to focus on your priorities and let other things fit into place. Now that I just gave you a little pep talk on stress, let’s get onto my favorites things for the month of November!


Favorites of the Month

Favorite Grocery Store Purchase: Natural Bliss Vanilla Creamer


I love this creamer for many reasons, but for starters, it only has a few short ingredients in it – all of which you can read! It has a great flavor and is perfect in whatever coffee you sip on each morning. There are other flavors, one being the caramel, which is tasty as well! Pick one up at your local grocery store next time and tell me what you think!

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage Find: Berry Brews


These brews were the perfect find a few weeks ago at Mari 6 pac Shop near my house. They are very strong with strawberry, blackberry or blueberry flavors and if you are in the mood for a Friday night drink, but aren’t looking for a stiff one, these would be right up your alley. I moved on from the pumpkin beers during the Thanksgiving season to these. They probably would be perfect for summertime with their berry flavors, but they go just fine with my tastebuds now!

Favorite Wal-Mart Purchase: Paula Deen Vanilla Buttercream Candle


I always pick up a new candle when we are at Target or Wal-Mart. I usually don’t buy expensive ones like Yankee Candles because I hate to drop 20 bucks on a candle! I know everyone says they are worth it, but 20 bucks is 20 bucks and I guess you could say I’m cheap with candles! This Paula Deen candle was a little under $8 and it is amazing. Paula did it right with this candle and I swear she probably used a stick of butter in the candle mixture just as she does with her recipes. It makes the whole house smell amazing, burns well and gets my mouth salivating for a sweet, buttercream cupcake! Now if it would just satisfy that craving, that would be a different story…

Favorite Department Store Purchase: Magenta Scarf from Boscov’s


I picked up this scarf while Christmas shopping about a week ago. Why is it that when you are shopping for others, you seem to find things for yourself? I was at Boscov’s and the sign displaying $4.99 just jumped out at me and I figured, what the heck! I wore the scarf with a plain white shirt and some khakis pants for work and it was a perfect comfy work outfit. Anyone else love scarves? They dress up any outfit and make you feel so chic, especially with a high bun on the top of your head!

Favorite Natural Cleaner Recipe: Homemade Liquid Detergent


This recipe was awesome because I found it while searching on the net for a natural dishwasher recipe and I had all of the ingredients at home! I have used the dishwasher soap since I made the recipe and it works great! I was a bit nervous because I didn’t want the dishwasher to fill with suds and Joe say, “Lesley I knew you shouldn’t make your own soap!” But luckily, it didn’t. The only thing I would caution is a few of our dishes were still dirty when going into the dishwasher and they didn’t come out sparkling clean like when we use store bought soap. You definitely need to do a little more cleaning/rinsing before placing the dishes in the washer and using this soap.

Favorite Holiday Purchase: Red Barnyard Lantern from TJ Maxx


This $10 purchase from TJ Maxx was a great find and goes well in our living room with some lighted greens encircling it. There is a little faux candle inside that lights up and it brings a soft glow to our living room. We were looking to add some new decorations to the house this year on a budget! This fit perfectly!

Favorite Inspirational Quote: Happiness Quote from Pinterest


Each and everyday wake up and choose happiness! It will make life so much easier for you!

Favorite Workout: 25/30 High Intensity Workout


I still love these high intensity workouts. I have such a short attention span when it comes to being on the treadmill so getting off and on it works for me. I will run for a bit, do some drills for a bit, get back on for it a bit, get back off…That’s what works for me! What about you?

Favorite Find Online: Paisley Dress from Madewell


Something about paisley print just hits home with me. I love paisley to wear as well as to decorate with: bedding, pillows, etc. I think paisley will forever been in style, too! I love a classic piece and this dress falls into that category! Only thing is, the dress is pushing $170 – that probably doesn’t fall into my budget at the moment. Next time…or find a knockoff!

So these are my favorites for the month of November!

What are you loving at the moment?

Please share because I would love to hear what’s filling you up!


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I am a 29 year old Pennsylvanian who enjoys running, good eats, family and friends!

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