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Shiver by the River 10k – December 2012

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This was the first race I have done in a long, long time! See how happy I am…


The last run I did was…The Marsh Creek Trail Run in July! It sure feels like forever ago. This race, Shiver by the River, is a series of 4 runs. There was this one in December and then one each month: January, February and March! I’m excited to run the same course each month and will be working towards beating my previous time. Think I can do it?! I hope so! This time I was bib 312…


Shiver by the River 10k – December 2012


The race started with a pretty typical morning breakfast: 1/2 a banana (always like to eat one before a race) some eggs and 1 piece of toast. Also, I sip on one cup of coffee -if I drink more than one I have to pee during the race and experienced that in Washington D.C.’s Army Ten Miler a few years back; not fun – and I make sure to have a glass of water. The race started at 11AM and was only a few minutes away, but I insisted on leaving at 10:20AM just to be safe. That way we could find parking, I could go to the bathroom and surely pick up my bib. We had plenty of time as Joe would have said. It was overcast, chilly and rainy on Sunday morning, not the ideal weather for a race, but it worked. There was a decent amount of people at the race, I would say three to four hundred. The race guy said ready, set, go and we were off! Here are some things I liked/didn’t like about the race:



  • Registration/bib set up was well organized
  • Ran through a nice neighborhood
  • $40 for four runs
  • Can pick if you want to do the 5k or the 10k that day
  • Not too large of a crowd
  • Same race, same run, 4 times, beat your time!


  • Two or three port-a-potties with a really long line
  • Not many spectators
  • The 10k was 2 – 5k runs
  • Seems more people did the 5k
  • Same race, same run, 4 times, can be boring!

Overall, the Shiver by the River is a great series and a great price, too. Usually, you pay a bit under $40 to do one run. This is definitely a bang-for-your-buck kinda race. Not only that, but I am really interested in beating my time and I think it is only safe to say when you want to beat a race time you really should do it on the same course. That way the only thing that can be different is the weather. One thing I don’t like about 5k/10k runs is running the 5k two times. It’s like you already know what finishing feels like because you temporarily went through the chute to the finish 3 miles before you are really finishing. It’s such a tease; you see it and you are so close, yet so not. When I came in the first time, I could already feel myself slowing down and I thought, I still have another 3 miles! It’s a mental thing. I finished the 5k in 25:01 and finished the 10k in 49:58. I have to attribute my few seconds being shaved off by the competition I had at the end of the race. Here’s what happened:

I was running through the end part of the neighborhood and rounding into the park where the race started and finished. As I was running, there were two girls who I stayed with a majority of the time. To be honest, they were the smallest bit ahead of me the whole time. Well, I started to pick up my pace and I passed both of them, but maybe too soon. They were like dust in the wind for about a half a mile and all of the sudden, they start flying down the hill towards the finish. I could totally tell they were working to cream me and I was going to be damned if they did! I picked up my pace just when the end was in sight and I passed one of the runners, but I just couldn’t keep up with the other girl. She was still a step or two ahead of me and there was another guy runner in between us. I knew the other girl was on my heels and so I just pushed and pushed reminding myself she was right on my tail. I finished the run right and I mean right behind the first girl and the guy runner. The other girl finished 2 seconds behind me. As we were walking out of the chute, the girl runner behind me came up and thanked me for pushing her to her Personal Record – PR. I, in turn, thanked her for pushing me to finish a lot stronger than I would have if she wasn’t on my heels! We both laughed, shook hands and walked away happy. It wasn’t my PR but it was pretty darn close…

You can see me finishing here – Joe caught the girl on my heels – but if you look closely, I have on my red Phillies hat and am already across the finish line.


Here I am at the Reading Hospital Road Race finishing a 10k in 49:18. That’s what I am working for in January!


Are you doing any race this month or in the winter months? 

What race times/goals are you working towards?

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