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Like it, love it, want more of it – December

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Can you believe that it is almost 2013?! Time flies when you are blogging and when you are having fun doing it, too! I definitely have a bunch of favorites this month that I am excited to share with you. If you missed out on last month’s favorites, check them out here.

Have you found anything new and exciting this month that you would call your favorite?

Let’s get onto the good things from December…


Favorite Grocery Purchase: Justin’s Dark Peanut Butter Cups


These peanut butter cups are so tasty and remind you of the famous Reese’s Peanut Butter ones, but have a much smaller ingredient listing. Justin’s line includes organic nut butters and candy. Definitely check it out at your local grocery store. I would say it is a bit pricey, so try to catch them when they go on sale!

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Pomegranate Mint Spritzers


This light and refreshing drink is just awesome. It reminds you of the summertime with it’s mint flavors, but the pomegranate juice  keeps you present in the dead of winter… Easily could leave out the alcohol and let your pregnant/nonalcoholic friends enjoy this simple cocktail.

Favorite Toilettree Products: Philosophy Skin Care


My mom gifted me with these Philosophy goodies for Christmas! She is a big Philosophy fan and she actually got us hooked on using Philosophy to wash our pup, Athena – who has super sensitive skin! The “Candy Cane body wash” is out of this world and leaves you with the most amazing peppermint aroma lingering on your body when you get out of the shower! The “hope in a jar” is a great face moisturizer that doesn’t leave your face oily at all. It gives you a light and clean feeling. All of these products are awesome and I would highly recommend Philosophy to anyone!

Favorite Pinterest DIY idea: Make your own Potpourri


I saw a similar concoction on Pinterest and made up my own homemade potpourri with things I already had in the fridge/around the house. I filled the saucepan up 2/3 of the way with water and then placed in the water: orange peels, 3 cinnamon sticks, and vanilla extract. I brought the mixture to a boil and then reduced to simmer and let it linger through the house for hours. It smells AMAZING! If you are looking to make your house smell lovely for NYE guests, make this ASAP!

Favorite Inspirational Quote: Motivation Quote from Pinterest: 


Need I say more?!…

Favorite Jewelry Piece: Sophie Blake Bracelet


My mom also gave me this for Christmas and I opened it and immediately fell in love with it…There’s something about woven jewelry that just gets me. I think it’s a little “hippie” ish and maybe thats why I like it. You can still pull it off though wearing a number of different outfits!

Favorite Workout Move: One Leg Squat


This workout move says its great for post-pregnancy ladies, but I think it’s beneficial for anyone working out! It makes your thighs and butt burn. Try it out!

Favorite Dinner while Dining Out: Black Dog Cafe – Salmon Special


My girlfriend, Jodi, her fiancé, Matt, and Joe and I went out to dinner a few weeks ago. We went to this small restaurant that is about 30 minutes from us and is honestly in the middle of nowhere. The food though, is super delicious. I got the salmon special with crab meat and a basil cream sauce. It was so good, I didn’t want to stop.

Favorite Find Online: Gap Zig Zag Shirt Dress


Shirt dresses are super cute and can be worn a number of different ways. I would definitely put a thin, brown belt around this one and maybe wear camel colored heels or even boots. Really cute find online and priced even better, $59.95!

Welp, that marks another month of favorites for me!


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I am a 29 year old Pennsylvanian who enjoys running, good eats, family and friends!

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  1. I am so happy that you like your presents….You are hard to buy for…I am glad you like Philosophy because I do also and thanks for spreading the word. Maybe we can get free gifts from them!!! I also love your appetizers and look forward to trying them!!!


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