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Chicken Tortilla Soup

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Since the weather is quite chilly here, with some snow on the ground, soup is the perfect thing to be eating! Although, I have been known to cook up some soup in the summer time, what? what? – yup! – Soup all year round is good for the soul. So, when I said to Joe I was going to be making this soup, he asked if this soup was similar tasting to fajitas? I never really thought of it that way, but yeah this soup does taste like chicken fajitas! I have always ordered chicken tortilla soup when we go out to dinner, but never made it at home. I seem to say that a lot. Well, I started my search on google for the perfect recipe and The Pioneer Woman’s blog popped up. I did one of those under your breath “yesss!” because I knew this recipe would be a good one. I was definitely right! The PW will never steer you wrong…

Do you like chicken tortilla soup?

What’s your favorite soup to make?

How about your favorite soup to order out?

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Sausage & Spinach Sweet Potatoes

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Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and one that was filled with all the things you are thankful for this year. Our Thanksgiving consisted of two meals and lots of desserts. I did great, as far as indulging goes, at our first stop – my in-laws, but after that when we went to my family’s house, it was just down hill in the eating department. My pants grew tighter and tighter and I swear it’s Sunday and they are still tight. I guess I didn’t follow my rule of thumb: everything in moderation. Oops!

Well, what was your favorite food this Thanksgiving?

I love corn casserole, the one that tastes like a really moist corn bread. It is super delicious and makes killer leftovers. After we ate our leftovers, I finally made a well balanced little meal. These sweet potatoes surely remind me of fall with the colors and were a perfect combination of vegetables, carbs and protein. Just what I needed as a nice cleanse from the holiday sugar rush.

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Homemade Dinner Rolls

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Getting ready for Thanksgiving? In need of a recipe for homemade dinner rolls? Well here you go!

Now I was a bit hesitant of these rolls because they took a little longer than expected to rise. I would say I left them rise for 3 1/2 hours instead of 3 hours but that extra rise was definitely worth it. Also checking to make sure what type of yeast you are using, I think is imperative. Many of the recipes I found called for instant yeast, where I had highly active yeast. I am assuming there is a difference in rise time with these two. Not only that but to be completely honest with you, I have only made rolls one other time and  the day after they are made, they are starting to get hard! I guess that’s what happens with fresh bread but is kinda a bummer because you need to eat them up right away! I’m sure that won’t be an issue for Thanksgiving, right?

What other Thanksgiving dishes are you making this year?

Are you going Black Friday shopping or working like me?

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