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Lemony Blueberry Breakfast Cake

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This cake is really something else. So much that Joe didn’t even realize there was lemon in it at first. He is someone who says he doesn’t really like lemon! Gotcha, jokes on you yet again, dude! This cake I found as I was pinning away on pinterest a few weeks ago. I kept saying, I’m going to make this, I’m going to make this, but then never got around to it. I think it was for the fear that Joe and I would eat the whole thing in one weekend…


Do you tend to not make things just because you know they won’t stand a chance in your house for more than 5 minutes?

Yeah, that’s kinda what happened with this breakfast cake.


I love how the word breakfast in front of cake makes you feel ok about eating cake for breakfast!


These little blue gems helped as well…It helped that they were buy one get one at the store this weekend, too!


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Greens for Breakfast

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Since we were just talking about greens yesterday, Greens au Gratin, and if you are still having a hard time enjoying them or not sure where else to fit them into your meals, why not try them on a breakfast sandwich? Just sauté spinach or any other leafy green in a little bit of olive oil and a clove of minced garlic and layer it onto your egg and cheese sandwich in the morning.

Happy Saturday to you all!





Sweet & Salty Egg Bake

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I was running on the treadmill last week and was watching the Food Network. The one host, excuse me that I can’t remember her name, was making a multitude of breakfast foods. They all looked delicious. One of the items on her menu was an egg bake. She was using these small ovenware dishes to make her egg bake. A little light bulb went off in my head because about a month or two ago, I picked up two ovenware dishes at Goodwill for a dollar a piece. I immediately knew I would be making a recipe similar to hers on the show…

So, as I was at the farmer’s market this weekend (yes, this is the third time you have heard me say that – sesame crackers, mashed cauliflower shepard’s pie) I picked up all-natural apple sausage. I had to stand in line twice because I forgot the sausage the first time around and the line was quite insane but I was determined to make these, so waiting in line was a must. The people at the farmer’s market get vicious over their place in line. This lady jumped in front of me and when the man behind the counter said, “Whose next?” she yells as loud as she can, “I AM!!!” I just stepped back and let the woman go ahead, obviously meat was on her mind and nothing was going to stop her. All things worked out and I walked out of there was a fresh pound of apple sausage….

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