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cleanse your body!

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Well after Jamaica, I needed to have a little talk with myself. My southern friends call it a “Come to Jesus Meeting.” Ever heard of it? Urban dictionary would tell you a Come to Jesus Meeting means:  Originally an emotional experience that is life changing, it has evolved to mean a serious argument, one that better result in a change of action or else… (source). Funny enough, before I lived in Atlanta, I had no idea what the heck this meeting thing was all about. I swear I heard teachers over and over again say they were going to have one of these meetings with their class. At first I thought, can’t talk about religion in school?! Later did I realize it was more of a serious discussion leading to a change in behavior – that being the students’ behavior in the classroom. Good to know, right?

After Jamaica, I had one of these serious discussion with myself about getting back on the healthy band wagon. Everyone seems to eat, drink and be merry while on vacation but afterwards the feeling it leaves you with isn’t so merry. I just felt very “ugh” after the vacation. I did have enough adult bevs to last me a lifetime but that’s besides the point. I made it a point yesterday to cleanse my body of the not-so-good things I had indulged in over the last 5 days with some oh-so-good things. I made it a point to consume foods that didn’t have an ingredient label on them. Interesting, huh? Here is what my Monday, the day after a week-long drinking binge looked liked:

Monday Morning – Breakfast

  • Fresh fruit – kiwi, blueberries and 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 cup oatmeal made with water, sprinkled with pecans and fresh fruit

Monday Afternoon – Lunch

  • 1/2 cup wild grain rice medley
  • sautéed spinach, tomatoes
  • mixed with 1 scrambled egg
  • baby carrots

Monday Evening – Dinner

  • Boiled and crushed potatoes baked with olive oil & seasoning (garlic salt, paprika, parsley, salt & pepper)
  • Zucchini and spinach sauce drizzled on top – will share recipe with you soon!
  • small side salad, homemade dressing

Have you ever done a cleanse or detox before? If so, what were your experiences?

Again, this wasn’t necessarily either of the two, a strict cleanse or a detox, but it was something I did for myself and for my body to get back on track. I know some people do a cleanse where they only drink certain liquids for 24 or 48 hours and try to get rid of all the “bad” things in their body. I am not one for that because I don’t think I could handle not eating anything for longer than a few hours. I think it really has to do with the individual and what you know your body can and can’t handle. I liked how I felt the next day and it was really refreshing to remind myself of what good, whole food tastes like.