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Bacon, Brie & Apple Panini

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Hope you all had a good weekend and you are ready to start a new work week! A work week that started off with almost 70 degree temps in November here in Pennsylvania. I was super excited to run after work in a light long sleeve shirt and not be freezing my ass butt off! I was super excited for my girl, Tiff, to run with me and we did the whole run without having to stop for one walking break! Go running buddy, go!

Anyway, this panini I made over the weekend so it really has nothing to do with this glorious day, but and it was the perfect light lunch for a Saturday after the farmer’s market. If you like sweet and salty, you will like this sandwich. Guaranteed. The sweet from the gala apples and the salty from the crispy bacon really hit the spot. The apples are right here from the county that I live in! Nothing like eating local. You only need a few ingredients for this sandwich recipe so check your refrigerator and run out if you are in need of creamy brie – probably don’t have that hanging out in your fridge on a regular basis. Besides that, get panini making…

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Kale & Squash Quinoa Salad

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This a really easy and refreshing salad to have for lunch one of these fall days. If you are vegan, it is also the perfect lunch for you! The colors of the salad just remind me of fall and that Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! Who is ready for Thanksgiving? Me, Me!

I get so excited for Thanksgiving and all of the side dishes. The turkey and ham, I could actually do without on Thanksgiving. What I’m most concerned about is all the casseroles: potato casserole, green bean casserole, corn casserole…and the list will go on. What I love even more is taking a bite of potato casserole, corn casserole and green bean casserole and placing them all together for one fantastic feast in my mouth. I always wonder about those people who only eat one side dish at a time until completion and then move onto the next one? I find that really just plain bizarre. Are you one who does that? Please tell me no!

Well, this wonderful fall salad is the perfect combination of sweet and salty and is quite filling with the quinoa. What might make it even more protein filled is a sprinkle of nuts! I might have to try that next time…

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Spinach & Artichoke Dip with Tortilla Flats

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Do you have a go-to appetizer when you go out to dinner?

Our go-to is almost always spinach and artichoke dip. Joe’s family and I typically go out to dinner on Sunday nights. His parents are big appetizer people and we sometimes get two appetizers for the table to share. What’s great about artichoke dip, is the heartiness of it. You could eat it for a light dinner with a salad and your belly would be quite content. You could have it for your next football party and all your guest would be quite happy, too!

The best spinach & artichoke dips are not only creamy and cheesy on the inside, but crispy on the outside. The best dips are those where you can see the pieces of artichoke in the dip and you can taste them, too! What’s better than some gluten free For for Life homemade tortilla chips to go along with this hearty dip? When I mean “homemade” all you have to do it take a pizza cutter, cut the tortillas into 8 triangles, brush with olive oil, sprinkle with some shredded parmesan cheese and bake for a few minutes until crispy. That’s it! Luckily, these tortillas have been on sale at the grocery store the last few weeks, woohoo! You can’t beat $2.69 for these frozen tortillas, that thaw well and will last much longer than those you purchase by the deli! Not only that, but they have only a few ingredients! If you don’t use all the tortillas in the pack, have no fear, I have used them for individual pizzas and they are perfect for that, too!

I think one of the key ingredients in this spinach & artichoke dip is the ricotta cheese. Ever hear of putting ricotta in your spinach dip? I just happened to throw it into the dip, and I don’t think I would ever do it any differently now!

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