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Pomegranate Mint Spritzers

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Merry Christmas! 

Tis the season for a new refreshing cocktail for this joyous holiday. This spritzer is one that can be thrown together pretty easily and enjoyed throughout Christmas and the New Year! Make sure to pick up these things at the store: pomegranate juice, mint, seltzer and vodka! Oh yes and a sprinkle of sugar, too!


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Festive Cranberry Margaritas

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It’s that time of year where cranberries are popping out all over the place -literally!


If you happened to have a bag of cranberries that you didn’t use for Thanksgiving, here’s a great recipe to use them up! I found this recipe from one of my favorite blogs, Eat, Live, Run and it’s a total keeper and is perfect for this time of year with Christmas parties coming up!


The bright red color of the margs makes you feel quite festive and the hint of green lime slices just puts you in the total Christmas spirit.


Have any favorite holiday drinks you will be sipping on this holiday? If so, please share!


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Sparklin’ Cider Spritzer

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I had been on the search for a good fall cider drink this year and one that was preferably alcoholic. I saw a few cider or pumpkin martinis made with liqueur while searching the Internet but I wasn’t digging them all that much. I have a past for making wine drinks with a little fruit and a little seltzer and loving every sip of them. That’s how I came up with this recipe because it does just that: little fruit – being the cider, little seltzer – being the fizz and viola you have yourself a nice and light alcoholic drink! Only bad thing is or bad if you are going to be outside while drinking these is they are cold so I recommend wearing gloves or just staying inside to make your life easier.

Look at that yummy brown sugar and cinnamon rim! It’s delicious.

Have any fall drink recipes you have made this year? Please share!

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